Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Warfare

Avoiding pitfalls and keeping yourself under His umbrella of protection

Just about two weeks ago God called me to start interceding for this region under the covering of a church that my husband and I just started attending. I have never thought of myself as an intercessor in the traditional sense but the prompting was relentless. I woke everyday with a picture of myself praying […]

Ballet of Grace

A Sunday morning vision

“…so that in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;…” Ephesians 2:7-8 On Mother’s Day at church I looked up and saw […]

Work With Me

I love nothing more than sharing my passion for Jesus & His word with others who want to know Him better. I take His mandate to fight the evil one by healing the sick, raising the dead and casting out demons, as He said in Matthew 10:8, seriously, and greatly desire to help set the captives free and to bring Christ glory. If reading this gets you excited, we need to connect. Read below to see all the ways that we can work together!

Pastor's CoferenceTeaching on ‘Warfare Through Repentance’ at a Pastor’s Conference in India 

1. Book me as a speaker and/or my team to minister inner & physical healing at your next event. My favorite thing to do on the planet is to minister to people in person.  To share stories of what God has done, is doing and wants to do, and to pray & minister freedom to the captives and a new passion for Jesus to the thirsty. Some of my favorite topics to speak on are Spiritual Warfare, Hearing the Voice of the Lord, End Times, Dreams, Visions & Angels, Waiting on God’s Best, and more. However, I believe that when God calls us to speak He has a message that He wants to share and that could be on any topic He chooses! Click Here to contact me with details about your event and to reserve your spot on my calendar.

2. Schedule a personal Freedom Session.  The Lord has opened doors for me to learn and minister in the area of deliverance and opened my eyes to the great need for deliverance among the body of Christ.  It is my heartfelt belief that every believer needs to go through some form of deliverance when we come to Christ.  Our sicknesses, addictions, habitual sins, and weaknesses do not always disappear when we accept Jesus as Savior. Being set free from the garbage that we picked up along the way is part of sanctification in Him and our right as believers. He has called us to help others find that freedom through deliverance.  After working with us, you yourself will be able to fight to stay free and have a plan to continue growing in your walk with the Lord to hopefully be able to set other free as well.  Click Here to read more about what the bible says about deliverance and to request a ministry appointment.

little-boy-prophecy-black-and-whiteProphesying in India

3. Search my site. I’ve been writing here for years and it is interesting to look back and see the path the Lord has led me on, what He has taken me through, and where He is taking me to! My theology and relationship with the Father has grown so much as His call to really understand healing & deliverance and my purpose as a follower of Jesus Christ, took me to another level of faith beginning at the end of 2013. What an amazing journey!

4. Subscribe to my updates. I currently publish one to two new blog posts per week filled with tools for the journey with Jesus. I write a lot about spiritual warfare as scripture states that we are forever in a battle to overcome the darkness with the glory of the Lord that is upon us. I share the dreams, visions and prophecies that the Lord gives me, some of them involve art, some are end times related (He is coming soon!) and some He gives to encourage our everyday faith. I share them all right here and I know they will bless you! Click Here to sign up to receive everything right in your inbox. When you do, you will also get the 30 minute Introduction to Imaginative Prayer teaching to give new spark to your faith right here, right now!

5. Purchase my Art & Books. Visit the Shop to purchase my Prints & Prophetic Originals along with many beautiful handcrafted wood items made by my husband. (The Originals go fast! If you want to receive notice when I add an Original Prophetic Painting to the shop Click Here!) You can visit to purchase my books. 

If you have anything else in mind other than what is outlined above.  Feel free to contact me with your ideas, I look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you very soon!


baptizing-mahesh-black-and-whiteBaptizing them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit














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Get Outta the Way Grandma!

I awoke with this little life’s lesson in my head this morning!  It came out of nowhere, which I have learned means that it usually, has really come from the Lord.  As I pondered what He was speaking to me in the early hours between asleep and awake, I realized it was a lesson most […]