Hi, I’m Sherri, I am an artist and speaker with a passion for teaching others how to war in the heavenlies through biblical principles and prophetic seer insight. I am on a fierce mission to bring the baptism of the Holy Spirit to all who are saved.

My deepest desire is to see captives set free by helping them encounter the Savior Jesus Christ in all His power and love. My kingdom work includes short term international missions, inner healing & deliverance ministry, teaching others how to hear the voice of God through online workshops, and prophetic words and paintings. 

Brazil Praying


My Content

I have been writing here for a few years with the intent of helping people create for themselves a beautiful life in the Lord Jesus Christ. So what you will find as you dig through my collection of posts is everything from prayers & devotions, to artwork & recipes, and everything in between. Over the last year and a half, the Lord has started showing me that we are so close to His return and that there is work to do. My mission is to spur you on in the word so you can get & stay free in Christ and help others do the same, so that the light of the body of Christ will shine ever brighter as darkness comes over the world before that great & glorious day of the Lord. To that end, I write on everyday faith, spiritual warfare, prophecy, end times and making life beautiful.

The Lord gives me lots of dreams and vision and I see angels often. You will find stories of the prophetic seer gift interlaced in all the categories above. Or you can search dreams, visions & angels in my search bar. 

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Online Workshops

Back in 2013 the Lord gave me a dream where he told me to speak on ‘Imaginative Prayer’. I had never heard the term in my life and had no idea what it meant but knew that I knew, it was from Him. So as I sought for answers He showed me, it is the way He has always communicated with me! I just didn’t know it had a name. Imaginative Prayer is simply using the eyes of our hearts to see what the Father is saying so we can join in to what He is doing like Jesus did. (Ephesians 1:18, John 5:19) If hearing His voice and doing what Jesus did sounds like something you would like to get better at, you can register for the next workshop here!

Brazil Randy and me

With Randy Clark Lighting Fires in Uberlandia, Brazil

My Bio

I have been self employed as a Creative Entrepreneur for about fourteen years. I am a licensed & Prophetic Artist, Author & Speaker, and my passion is ministering healing & deliverance to those who are suffering.  I am about halfway through completing ministry training at Empower Supernatural School of Ministry with Glenn Bleakney of Awake Nations and look forward to finishing no later than Fall 2015.

I went to Brazil with Global Awakening for hands on ministry training in the Autumn of 2014, attended Empowered Atlanta with Global in February 2015 for deliverance training, and am looking forward to traveling once again with Global to Israel for more ministry & training in August 2015.

We can never get to the end of God and I plan on pressing into know Jesus more and more until the day of His return.

My Home Life

I have been married for ten years to my best friend, Randy. He is a talented woodworker and has lately been enamored with the Tiny House movement!  Yikes! I wouldn’t be surprised if we headed down that path in the very near future and will keep you posted!

We are a blended family with three girls between the two of us.  October, Ivy & Cheney are our biggest challenges and our greatest joys. We are also Nonna & Pop to our very first granddaughter, Ella.

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