If you’ve been praying for what seems like forever with seemingly no answer, this will help.

Imagine the Holy Spirit stopping you mid prayer and asking, “What else ya got?” Well, that is just what happened to me. Listen to what happened next…

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Love & Flowers Wreath color

Things have been quiet here on the blog lately because God has me so busy elsewhere! That seems to always be the case. I am either writing, or I am designing & selling but there is never enough time to do both! Here is my December in a nutshell….  Three Prophetic Words  In a matter […]

Begin With the End in Mind

Making ripples with your word of the year


I’m entering Twenty Sixteen in rain boots and a mini skirt. Come storm or shine I have made a decision to make a splash for the better. To march into the new year with the determination of a child on a mission to play through nap time. I’m beginning with a happy dance and an even […]

The Syrian Refugee Dilemma

Where I stand


I’ve been venting about my stance, which really wasn’t a stance, on Facebook for about a week now. Back and forth I prayed for God’s heart on the issue of the Syrian refugees. Anyone who doesn’t want to let them in is accused of reacting in fear. Anyone who wants to let them in is […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Spiritual Warfare

Avoiding pitfalls and keeping yourself under His umbrella of protection

Avoiding the Dangers of Spiritual Warfare

Just about two weeks ago God called me to start interceding for this region under the covering of a church that my husband and I just started attending. I have never thought of myself as an intercessor in the traditional sense but the prompting was relentless. I woke everyday with a picture of myself praying […]