On Trump and Saul

Something is amiss


I keep saying that I am wrestling with God about Trump and I keep thinking that my settling will come in the morning but alas, I am still wrestling!  But I do want to share what the Lord has shown me so far… The night before the election I had a dream, I shared part […]

Election Dream November 7, 2016

The shaking of the house and the 7 trumpets

2016 election dream

I’ve been hashing things out with the Lord the last few days regarding Trump…I am not going to say my stance on voting but rather feel led to post some interesting puzzle pieces that Jesus has shown me over the last few days. Thanks to my pastors for putting up with all my texts and […]

When Evil Seems Good

Feeding the lepers and responding to Jen Hatmaker

jen hatmaker

Scroll down for VIDEO! The enemy is a master deceiver, I learned in India that not everything that seems good is. When I returned I learned of Jen Hatmaker’s interview on homosexuality and thought one video could tell the story of the Lepers in India and respond to Jen in one swoop. Our view of […]

Even the demons obey in your name…

Siblings delivered from demons in India


On the first day and the last day of our India mission we visited a Hindu tent village for church. Our contact in India had been evangelizing this community for a couple of years (if I remember right) and most of them had gotten saved. However, the teaching is severely lacking, most don’t have bibles […]

More Than I Could Ask or Imagine

My first thoughts on the India mission

Prophesying in India

Home and processing all the Lord did and continues to do! The transformation of people as they get just the tiniest taste of the Lord’s goodness through the Holy Spirit is astounding and difficult to put into words. The miracles were incredible, yes, but just being in His sweet presence all day everyday was the […]