Is Masturbation a Sin?

Awkward Question of the Day

Is Masturbation A Sin? #AwkwardQuestion

The Confusion This has to be talked about, so let’s just get it over with okay? Grab a cuppa coffee or even a more distinguished cuppa tea and settle in because let’s face it, this subject effects all walks of life and if you have any kind of conscious at all, you know something about this […]

Words of Spiritual Warfare 101

The Three Rs

Spiritual Warfare 101

What Should I Pray? I get messages almost daily from people saying, “_______  just happened, what should I pray?” I always answer the same, it’s not just about the words. There are no magic words that make everything better. There is so much more! So here it is. Here are the three R’s that I […]

False Teachers-A Vision

False Teachers-a vision

Fountains of False Waters Yesterday, just as I turned my heart to focus on the Lord, He showed me an old, stone, face shaped fountain. The kind seen in ancient architecture with the water squirting out of a hole in the mouth. I tried to shake it away and get back to my agenda with […]