Three Earthquakes

The Second Shaking is Coming

The Second Shaking

The Dream Two nights ago I had a dream. The whole world experienced an earthquake all at once. Chaos abounded and people were very, very frightened. I was in the midst of it and knew that the earthquake was the first of THREE. I could simultaneously see everyone running in confusion and talking about the […]

Einkorn Flour Wild Blueberry Bread

with Kefir, Flax and Chia

Einkorn Flour Wild Blueberry Bread

I just recently discovered Einkorn Flour and it is my new go to!  It is what flour is supposed to be, without all the pesticide issues that get blamed on gluten. People with so called gluten sensitivities can usually eat Einkorn flour with no issues!  You can read all about it right here, and you […]

Can Christians Have Demons?

Three ways the truth will set you free

Truth will set you free

Did you know that a Christian can ‘have’ a demon? I know, I know, no one likes to think about that. Just bear with me and for starters remove the word ‘possession’ from your vocabulary, it is not even in the bible (*That is, in the original language. See below for more on that!) Erase visions of […]