Can Christians Have Demons?

Three ways the truth will set you free

Truth will set you free

Did you know that a Christian can ‘have’ a demon? I know, I know, no one likes to think about that. Just bear with me and for starters remove the word ‘possession’ from your vocabulary, it is not even in the bible (*That is, in the original language. See below for more on that!) Erase visions of […]

Coming to America

More end times dreams

End of Time

Two end times dreams from the Holy Spirit in two days.  The first was a reminder to prepare for…well-the worst- for lack of a better term, in the days to come in America. It’s past time to store up food, water etc. This is just one of many I’ve had on this subject, but it’s […]

Gabi’s Angel

Prophetic Angel Painting

Gabi's Angel Prophetic Painting

Before I talk about what this angel was doing when I saw it, please check out my first angel painting, ‘Grace’s Angel’ for some background and a bit of angel theology.  I feel the need to reiterate again and again, when I see & paint angels they are gifts from our Father in Heaven for the purpose of […]