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The Least of These

The picture above was taken with the children special for US, you and me. Read on to find out why…  About a month ago I got a friend request from a young woman named Deborah who is serving as a missionary in Nigeria. As we talked a bit she shared with me that she cares […]


He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some.” So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in, because of the quantity of fish. (John 21:6)

In all your efforts toward success, healing, relationships, victory, happiness, etc., make sure to always listen for His voice. Jesus knows exactly how you should proceed for the catch and is able to make all grace abound to you!

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Israel in a Nutshell

Thanks for your patience as I found the words....

Jerusalem at night, view from my balcony

Jerusalem at Night from my balcony Before I left for Israel, I had volunteered to write the trip report for Global Awakening upon my return. It was more difficult than I thought it would be because how can one express the trip of a lifetime? Impossible.  But I did my best and thought I would […]